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  • The London Apprenticeship Fair is about reaching the parts of 'Generation Apps' that you don't normally reach.


  • Young people who find it difficult to navigate the vast number of sites, and mountains of information to find what suits them 


  • Those who perhaps made the wrong choice and dropped out of university but wish to still get a degree.


  • Those about to decide whether to do further education or an apprenticeship; which subjects to study to achieve the career they want.


  • Students who lack connections (yes it still matters).


  • Young people who want to find out about opportunties in industries normally out of their reach: such as cyber security, civil service, engineering, food science, creative, sport, music, design and more.


  • These titles sound simple enough but behind them are major industries with a wide range of possible careers. 


Young people tend to have a narrow view of job specs and titles so there is a lot they want to know. They need to talk to you.


Let's open as many doors as possible.  

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